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Title: Episode 0008 - /dev/random is people!
Post by: krayon on 2012-10-22 00:18 (Mon)
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Just like soylent green, you get a healthy serving of this show every two weeks.


Chinese telecoms firms in America: Putting Huawei on hold
The enemy of my enemy is... well frankly, not smart enough to handle any of this. Caution: this link leads to MASSIVE piles of hypocrisy

Hosting company wants to house your Raspberry Pi server... for free!
Quick someone tell me what a raspberry pi server is any good for!

What Linux needs is an operating system
For the first time that I can remember, I have to call "Bullshit!" on Jesse Smith


The Pirate Bay promotes free, legal music: Stockholm Band's Eyes In The Dark album:
  Stockholm Band website ( http://tpb.stockholmband.com/ ) | PirateBay Torrent ( https://thepiratebay.se/ )

ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) get nasty at downloaders of iView content:
  ABC threat kills iView downloader
 ( http://ww.zdnet.com/ )

  CCTracker Website ( http://cctracker.org/ )


Feces raised shrimp, comng to a restaurant near you:

Former M$ CTO patents DRM for 3D printers:

The world's first 3D printed guitar:

M$ says Google Maps violates patent:

In the future we will smaller brains, smaller junk:
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Title: Re: Episode 0008 - /dev/random is people!
Post by: krayon on 2012-10-22 00:24 (Mon)
Mumble Chat (times in Australia/Melbourne):

[13:11:32] (Channel) FiftyOneFifty: Cornominal
[13:12:15] (Channel) FiftyOneFifty: Murder FS
[13:12:34] (Channel) threethirty: MURDER FS!!!!!!
[13:42:41] To devrandom: Secret list of stuff we'll talk about if we ever get on topic: http://devrandomshow.org/forum/index.php?board=7.0
[13:42:51] (Channel) FiftyOneFifty: The creepy dude is dead
[13:42:57] To devrandom: Sorry, this one: http://devrandomshow.org/forum/index.php?topic=30486.0
[13:43:20] (Channel) pegwole: I'm taking stories from both forums.
[13:43:49] (Channel) FiftyOneFifty: pokey: go see"the Master" it explains everything :)
[13:43:57] To devrandom: That's it three thirty, lick my balls
[13:44:02] To devrandom: Oh yeah!
[14:08:19] (Channel) pokey: brb, feel free to put words in my mouth while I'm gone.
[14:08:33] FiftyOneFifty is now unmuted.
[14:13:25] (Channel) pokey: back
[14:17:33] (Channel) FiftyOneFifty: Can I download Dr. Where?
[14:31:42] (Channel) FiftyOneFifty: Jumping out and reconnecting
[14:31:50] FiftyOneFifty disconnected.
[14:32:07] FiftyOneFifty connected.
[14:32:11] FiftyOneFifty entered channel.
[14:38:35] To devrandom: http://www.technologyreview.com/view/429566/nathan-myhrvolds-cunning-plan-to-prevent-3-d/
[14:40:46] (Channel) Ehtyar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6WxZ8HPhHVQ
[15:43:58] To devrandom: http://devrandomshow.org:8000/
[15:45:01] (Channel) Ehtyar: brb
[15:50:11] (Channel) FiftyOneFifty: Did I just lose sound. or is it pokey?
[15:50:27] (Channel) FiftyOneFifty: Must be me
[15:50:27] To devrandom: think its you
[15:50:35] (Channel) pegwole: It's you.
[15:51:05] (Channel) FiftyOneFifty: I think my headset is running down
[15:51:27] (Channel) FiftyOneFifty: I hear you now
[15:51:47] (Channel) Ehtyar: hey krayon, how much for a .com.au?
[15:57:10] To devrandom: Ehtyar: Like $15... I'm looking at changing backends for .AU
[16:10:32] (Channel) FiftyOneFifty: brb
[16:13:53] (Channel) FiftyOneFifty: back
[16:20:24] (Channel) Ehtyar: noe one except your friendly domain reseller, right krayon?
[16:20:28] (Channel) Ehtyar: no*
[16:20:42] threethirty is now muted and deafened.
[16:20:43] threethirty is now unmuted.
[16:20:45] To devrandom: lick me more three thirty
[16:20:52] To devrandom: yeah baby
[16:20:53] To devrandom: yeah baby
[16:20:59] (Channel) Ehtyar: rofl!!!
[16:21:04] To devrandom: oh that feels so good
[16:21:13] To devrandom: I love being your computer
[16:21:54] To devrandom: touch my keys three thirty
[16:22:15] (Channel) pokey: being your computer lets me see all your gay dreams while you sleep.
[16:22:18] To devrandom: come touch my ENTER key
[16:22:44] To devrandom: TAB your way to my CONTROLs
[16:22:54] (Channel) pokey: you know you want to rub those pig poo shrimp all over me.
[16:24:21] To devrandom: OK Mumble chat will be in the show notes