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Title: Episode 0020 - Shrimp pr0n on the Barbie
Post by: krayon on 2013-07-02 03:02 (Tue)
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NOTE FROM Krayon: Once again we have Krayon to blame for the EXTREMELY late delivery of this episode :(  All I ... eh, HE, can say is he's REALLY sorry, REALLY REALLY sorry - life has been a bit of a bitch lately.


Shrimp and prawns

Doing lines(?) of caviar

@#$% Krayon, late again

fab(alanche)? OH! fabsh right...
"When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns"

FiftyOneFifty's first drinkin' burp ;)

Skunks huh, yeah

Krayon has family issues :( Poor Krayon


NEW TAGLINE: /dev/random: Just hit yourself in the balls with a hammer


Pokey's ex

Can FiftyOneFifty not type, or is he just using the "FiftyOneFifty Keyboard Layout"?

Ehtyar's mining LiteCoin


OpenStreetMap, Flash, NoScript and other Firefox plugins

Nikon UN-ad and Company Support

... and FiftyOneFifty's done for the evening




Articles? Nope.

New Ubuntu Release name

DDoSing MtGox and BitCoin: You're doing it WRONG

News, Public Data, Judges, Law, No Agenda Podcast

Aussie jokes, Krayon jokes, Linux Kernel winky faces

Microsoft crap

Hawar... Hawoah... Hawaway... Harwarwa... Huawei ... and America

Wikipedia ditch MySQL for MariaDB
SkySQL and MariaDB get it on

USB SuperSpeed and Thunderbolt