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Show Notes / Episode 0009 - We love lamp
« Last post by krayon on 2012-10-27 23:49 (Sat) »

We love lamp!  Like a Genie, we love our lamp being rubbed, even remotely.


Hacking boarding passes? Yup, too easy.   ???
This hack was published October 19 2012. When will they fix it, and should our betting pool be in months or years?


Post First warp drive, now tractor beams

Post The most /dev/randm appropo story, EVER!  Think the above plus Chat Roullette...

LAMP stack on an actual lamp



BitTorrent support for gPodder
Announcements / group
« Last post by krayon on 2012-10-22 00:49 (Mon) »
Added an group:
Show Notes / Re: Episode 0008 - /dev/random is people!
« Last post by krayon on 2012-10-22 00:24 (Mon) »
Mumble Chat (times in Australia/Melbourne):

[13:11:32] (Channel) FiftyOneFifty: Cornominal
[13:12:15] (Channel) FiftyOneFifty: Murder FS
[13:12:34] (Channel) threethirty: MURDER FS!!!!!!
[13:42:41] To devrandom: Secret list of stuff we'll talk about if we ever get on topic:
[13:42:51] (Channel) FiftyOneFifty: The creepy dude is dead
[13:42:57] To devrandom: Sorry, this one:
[13:43:20] (Channel) pegwole: I'm taking stories from both forums.
[13:43:49] (Channel) FiftyOneFifty: pokey: go see"the Master" it explains everything :)
[13:43:57] To devrandom: That's it three thirty, lick my balls
[13:44:02] To devrandom: Oh yeah!
[14:08:19] (Channel) pokey: brb, feel free to put words in my mouth while I'm gone.
[14:08:33] FiftyOneFifty is now unmuted.
[14:13:25] (Channel) pokey: back
[14:17:33] (Channel) FiftyOneFifty: Can I download Dr. Where?
[14:31:42] (Channel) FiftyOneFifty: Jumping out and reconnecting
[14:31:50] FiftyOneFifty disconnected.
[14:32:07] FiftyOneFifty connected.
[14:32:11] FiftyOneFifty entered channel.
[14:38:35] To devrandom:
[14:40:46] (Channel) Ehtyar:
[15:43:58] To devrandom:
[15:45:01] (Channel) Ehtyar: brb
[15:50:11] (Channel) FiftyOneFifty: Did I just lose sound. or is it pokey?
[15:50:27] (Channel) FiftyOneFifty: Must be me
[15:50:27] To devrandom: think its you
[15:50:35] (Channel) pegwole: It's you.
[15:51:05] (Channel) FiftyOneFifty: I think my headset is running down
[15:51:27] (Channel) FiftyOneFifty: I hear you now
[15:51:47] (Channel) Ehtyar: hey krayon, how much for a
[15:57:10] To devrandom: Ehtyar: Like $15... I'm looking at changing backends for .AU
[16:10:32] (Channel) FiftyOneFifty: brb
[16:13:53] (Channel) FiftyOneFifty: back
[16:20:24] (Channel) Ehtyar: noe one except your friendly domain reseller, right krayon?
[16:20:28] (Channel) Ehtyar: no*
[16:20:42] threethirty is now muted and deafened.
[16:20:43] threethirty is now unmuted.
[16:20:45] To devrandom: lick me more three thirty
[16:20:52] To devrandom: yeah baby
[16:20:53] To devrandom: yeah baby
[16:20:59] (Channel) Ehtyar: rofl!!!
[16:21:04] To devrandom: oh that feels so good
[16:21:13] To devrandom: I love being your computer
[16:21:54] To devrandom: touch my keys three thirty
[16:22:15] (Channel) pokey: being your computer lets me see all your gay dreams while you sleep.
[16:22:18] To devrandom: come touch my ENTER key
[16:22:44] To devrandom: TAB your way to my CONTROLs
[16:22:54] (Channel) pokey: you know you want to rub those pig poo shrimp all over me.
[16:24:21] To devrandom: OK Mumble chat will be in the show notes
Show Notes / Episode 0008 - /dev/random is people!
« Last post by krayon on 2012-10-22 00:18 (Mon) »

Just like soylent green, you get a healthy serving of this show every two weeks.


Chinese telecoms firms in America: Putting Huawei on hold
The enemy of my enemy is... well frankly, not smart enough to handle any of this. Caution: this link leads to MASSIVE piles of hypocrisy

Hosting company wants to house your Raspberry Pi server... for free!
Quick someone tell me what a raspberry pi server is any good for!

What Linux needs is an operating system
For the first time that I can remember, I have to call "Bullshit!" on Jesse Smith


The Pirate Bay promotes free, legal music: Stockholm Band's Eyes In The Dark album:
  Stockholm Band website ( ) | PirateBay Torrent ( )

ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) get nasty at downloaders of iView content:
  ABC threat kills iView downloader
 ( )

  CCTracker Website ( )


Feces raised shrimp, comng to a restaurant near you:

Former M$ CTO patents DRM for 3D printers:

The world's first 3D printed guitar:

M$ says Google Maps violates patent:

In the future we will smaller brains, smaller junk:
( see attachment )
Show Notes / Episode 0007 - Das ist mein weiner!
« Last post by krayon on 2012-10-14 05:08 (Sun) »

In this episode we discuss our genitals.

You're gonna love our nuts.

I was in WA, so this is all the show notes you get :P

Oh, except FiftyOneFifty's story on Gators, I remember that one.

Rent-A-Gator for kid's pool parties, cannot end well:
Announcements / Stream
« Last post by krayon on 2012-09-15 21:07 (Sat) »
/dev/random now features a shinny stream:

It's a 96kbit/s stream ATM.

If the above address doesn't work (perhaps due to excruciatingly slow DNS), this address should also work:
Show Notes / Episode 0006 - Krayon Gone Wild
« Last post by krayon on 2012-09-15 21:04 (Sat) »

Are Commercial Games Finally Going To Make It To Linux?
- Didn't get to this

Discussion:, WTF? anyone?

YouTube-DL: I use this one, with some wrapper scripts to make it awesome'er:

Vimeo-DL: I wrote (and use) this one.  It works with the newer changes vimeo made:

Report: Motorola Kills Webtop Technology and Lapdock Accessory

Always Innovating:

Hell I dunno, there was other stuff too.
Show Notes / Episode 0005 - Poophemisms
« Last post by krayon on 2012-08-19 00:13 (Sun) »

You know what we enjoy?  Poop jokes, tech, and talking about awesome stuff we have made.

Minty Boost:

The "Hens and Chickens" plant:

Tattoo locations chart:

Open Street Map:

Neil Stephenson's "In the Beginning was the Command Line"

Russian Band Pussy Riot Jailed:
  WTF image of page mistake (click to enlarge):

Iranian nuclear facility playing AC/DC's Thunderstruck at night, says report:

New virus spies on bank transactions:

Shamoon Malware : Permanently wiping data from Energy Industry Computers:

French T-Shirt Company tries to trademark Anonymous phrase, logo etc:

Man "Jackmeoff Mudd" Arrested:

XKCD Bobby Drop Tables:

Jill Dahne, Love Psychic, Predicts New Anus Tattoo Trend (Video NSFW):

Mutated Butterflies:

Chocolate Starfish:
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