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Episode 0005 - Poophemisms
« on: 2012-08-19 00:13 (Sun) »

You know what we enjoy?  Poop jokes, tech, and talking about awesome stuff we have made.

Minty Boost:

The "Hens and Chickens" plant:

Tattoo locations chart:

Open Street Map:

Neil Stephenson's "In the Beginning was the Command Line"

Russian Band Pussy Riot Jailed:
  WTF image of page mistake (click to enlarge):

Iranian nuclear facility playing AC/DC's Thunderstruck at night, says report:

New virus spies on bank transactions:

Shamoon Malware : Permanently wiping data from Energy Industry Computers:

French T-Shirt Company tries to trademark Anonymous phrase, logo etc:

Man "Jackmeoff Mudd" Arrested:

XKCD Bobby Drop Tables:

Jill Dahne, Love Psychic, Predicts New Anus Tattoo Trend (Video NSFW):

Mutated Butterflies:

Chocolate Starfish:
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