Author Topic: Episode 0023 - September 2013, a timely episode  (Read 18351 times)


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Episode 0023 - September 2013, a timely episode
« on: 2014-01-24 10:57 (Fri) »

A show containing some people (5150, FXBoy, Ehtyar), recorded many moons ago.

Some links that may or may NOT have been discussed:

Makers Called Upon To Help NASA Protect The Earth From Asteroids

Carrier IQ Found on AT&Ts LG G2 Phone

Doctors use Google Glass to film POV surgery videos

No, Apple hasn't said it will share a 'fingerprint database' with the NSA

Apple Maps directs drvers onto Fairbanks Alaska taxiway

Apple iOS 7 makes some users quite literally SICK

Apple photo patent declared invalid as it had already been shown... by Apple

Ubuntu Manga

Revenge on Krayon ... the BASTARD
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