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Episode 0010 - Booze Chaser
« on: 2012-11-10 23:19 (Sat) »

NOTE FROM Krayon: Due to this show being rather old I don't recall what we ended up discussing other than what I was listing at the time and I'm not crazy enough to listen to the episode again so what follows below after some quick show notes is a dump of the pre-show garbage in all it's glory:

All in IT Radio

Tech Snap

Command Line Podcast

Windows 8 video

Skittles Commercial

Old School BNC networking connector (this is the T-connector)

Ehtyar's modem,en_US,pd.html

Tips for moving to DVORAK
 1. Don't change you keycaps, paste an image of the layout below your monitor
 2. NEVER look at the keys, always at the layout
 3. When using QWERTY, ALWAYS look at the keys, creating some weird trippy association between the layouts and your visual focus.

Cheatsheet for VIM

Mysteries and Clues from a Microsoft Surface Teardown
SHOCKING SURPRISE: "The Surface tablet is not exactly DIY-friendly."

Siri sends Chinese users to brothels
"Siri's detailed knowledge of brothels puts Chinese law enforcement to shame."
I'll be calling in from China this week... from my new iphone.

Nissan exploring premium-feel interior concept for cars
Nissan shall moreover deliver more pleasure from the company. The driver being experiencing the pleasurable sensations of the touching hitherto.

Players compete at the Third World Mahjong Championship held in Chongqing
How come all we get is the shitty unstacking solitaire version of this game?

Australia: Cannabis spray "may help cancer patients cope with pain"
But can it help me cope with the burden of life?
The bastards say that it doesn't get the patients stoned, and in fact makes people more clear headed. It's Australian for weed, mate.

Mysteries and Clues from a Microsoft Surface Teardown
SHOCKING SURPRISE: "The Surface tablet is not exactly DIY-friendly."

GMO Foods: Science, PR, and Public Backlash
Where to begin...

Hairy crab complaints skitter up 25%
I'm assuming that pegwole's world tour has begun?

University to offer major to train Disneyland performers
I predict that the Disney Corporation will set a new record as the most abusive employer in China, narrowly beating out Foxcon.

ID check required to buy model aircraft
I just want to hear Peter64 say "little China men" again.

Quantum communication without entanglement could perform faster than previously thought possible
I know what an "order of magnitude" is. The rest of this article is way over my head. Good luck.

South Koreas Auto-Turret Can Kill a Man in the Dead of Night From Three Clicks
When these things hit COD Modern Warfare, the game is going to get a lot less fun.

In Vietnam, US relies on pirate site to network
CAUTION: Hypocrisy and WTF. Then again, it's the US government... what else would you expect?

How to Delete Regrettable Posts from the Internet
It says here that we can undo /dev/random

Fire burn and cauldron bubble in Canis Major
Space something something Peter64 something something something

Nvidia doubles performance with new linux driver
Yay, Freedom!
Potentially habitable planet found practically in our back-yard... if our back yard is 42 light years wide that is
VM researchers post rude awakening about virtualization security
So, Ozzies aren't criminals you say?

Ultimate dorm IED, the homemade bouncing betty
Thanks to Pere Rams for G posting and Fabsh for reposting

AMD lays off Linux devs

Kickstarter for RPi arcade cabinet

Roomba-Pi robot

"near" mss by asteroid

Kickstarter for new "Elite"
MS will be looking back at you from inside your Xbox

OLPC gives Zoom's Ethiopian children, with in months, they learn English words. "hack" Android

Judge says Apple apology not good enough

That's it, and you can thank pokey for most of the link diarrhea above ;)
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