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Show Notes / Episode 0023 - September 2013, a timely episode
« Last post by krayon on 2014-01-24 10:57 (Fri) »

A show containing some people (5150, FXBoy, Ehtyar), recorded many moons ago.

Some links that may or may NOT have been discussed:

Makers Called Upon To Help NASA Protect The Earth From Asteroids

Carrier IQ Found on AT&Ts LG G2 Phone

Doctors use Google Glass to film POV surgery videos

No, Apple hasn't said it will share a 'fingerprint database' with the NSA

Apple Maps directs drvers onto Fairbanks Alaska taxiway

Apple iOS 7 makes some users quite literally SICK

Apple photo patent declared invalid as it had already been shown... by Apple

Ubuntu Manga

Revenge on Krayon ... the BASTARD
Announcements / StatusNet/GNUSocial (was Group
« Last post by krayon on 2013-10-09 03:33 (Wed) »
Due to the death of (as we know it anyway), there's now a StatusNet/GNUSocial group here:
Show Notes / Episode 0022 - FOR SALE: Hokey Pokey Hansome Pirate: $5150 ONO
« Last post by krayon on 2013-10-09 03:18 (Wed) »

TODO: Write some @#$%ing shownotes
Show Notes / Episode 0021 - Don't Spy On Us, Bro
« Last post by krayon on 2013-08-16 14:31 (Fri) »

NOTE FROM Krayon: Once again we have Krayon to blame for the EXTREMELY late delivery of this episode :(  ... hey, just like last time!

Everyone's a dick to NeoDragon...

Australia's ringtone helps you break down The Wall (or at least think of it).

Forums (sic) doesn't support UTF8, what?!

NeoDragon only has 10 times more brain than Pegwole.

What? Our fuckin' show's kid friendly.

Peggy's one grey wing.

Wiping Hard Drives...


Pokey discovers Krayon's secret ( on a side note, Krayon's Secret - catalogue out NOW )

More wiping Hard Drives...

MORE wiping Hard Drives...

Krayon's going grey too :(

MORE forums (sic) doesn't support UTF8, what?!

Krayon's hot cousin isn't his girlfriend because he's not from Kansas, also, Krayon's OLD.

Pokey's OLD too ... and a dirty old man ... and he film's p0rn at home ... with a cat ...

... and belching sound effects.


hmm, I'm hungry, show notes are hard work...


STORIES?! ... Yep, they'll be timely :S

Top Gillard IT security czar has never heard of Tor

Court: Police Can Take DNA Swabs From Arrestees (brought to you by Ehtyar's brother Scotus

/dev/random's website 101 - how to navigate and get to the forum (psst! guess what, it's not random, it's my password)

Australia Sets New Overblocking Record: Aims For One Site, Takes Down 250,000

Turns out GIF is pronounced JIFF... how ANNOYING!

Laptop batteries eh, who need's 'em, bastards.

Threethirty's Nickname - The Origin Story(tm)

BREAKING STORY: NSA collecting phone records of millions of Verizon customers daily

... wow, this show's from June, BAD Krayon, BAD

"SYSTEMIC BUSINESS RISK": 90% of Qld Govt's ICT needs to be replaced Total cost: $7.4 billion

No peep show apps: Google nixes Google Glass porn (Tits and Glass)

Stereoscopes - Pokey's link

Valve's ... thing ... listen to AmpHour 147

Orders from Silk Road for Krayon

Bitcoin time!

... aaaaand back to Valve's ... thing ...

Augmented Reality! Act Up! Fight AIDS! ( For anyone getting the reference, I (Krayon) am in another show, this one :) )

Canonical - Ubuntu Bug #1

... aaaaand back to Bitcoin and MtGox and asking for too much info about people

Linode being dicks, Digital Ocean, Rack Space, VPS's etc

... aaaaand back to BitCoin ... AGAIN :P

... aaaaand back to VPS's and credit card fraud

I KNOW?!  I'll just get a RPi and ship it to that Austrian guy!

Linux on phones, N900, Ubuntu, Jolla

Banned old Apple stuff due to lawsuits and iPad's

Yet more on why the N900 kicks TOTAL ASS!

1 out of 1 listeners think that /dev/random is better than Linux Outlaws!



Also, quoth Ehtyar:
Show Notes / Episode 0020 - Shrimp pr0n on the Barbie
« Last post by krayon on 2013-07-02 03:02 (Tue) »

NOTE FROM Krayon: Once again we have Krayon to blame for the EXTREMELY late delivery of this episode :(  All I ... eh, HE, can say is he's REALLY sorry, REALLY REALLY sorry - life has been a bit of a bitch lately.


Shrimp and prawns

Doing lines(?) of caviar

@#$% Krayon, late again

fab(alanche)? OH! fabsh right...
"When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns"

FiftyOneFifty's first drinkin' burp ;)

Skunks huh, yeah

Krayon has family issues :( Poor Krayon


NEW TAGLINE: /dev/random: Just hit yourself in the balls with a hammer


Pokey's ex

Can FiftyOneFifty not type, or is he just using the "FiftyOneFifty Keyboard Layout"?

Ehtyar's mining LiteCoin


OpenStreetMap, Flash, NoScript and other Firefox plugins

Nikon UN-ad and Company Support

... and FiftyOneFifty's done for the evening




Articles? Nope.

New Ubuntu Release name

DDoSing MtGox and BitCoin: You're doing it WRONG

News, Public Data, Judges, Law, No Agenda Podcast

Aussie jokes, Krayon jokes, Linux Kernel winky faces

Microsoft crap

Hawar... Hawoah... Hawaway... Harwarwa... Huawei ... and America

Wikipedia ditch MySQL for MariaDB
SkySQL and MariaDB get it on

USB SuperSpeed and Thunderbolt
Show Notes / Episode 0019 - iPad Drippings
« Last post by krayon on 2013-05-04 09:57 (Sat) »

This time round we're joined by celebrities Kitten Titties (kt4kb) and neodragon.

RFIDs and shoplifting fun

Bowls of Spiders, our penis sizes and serial killers

Ehtyar sucks at Linux and is using Windows

Kitten Titties reports WSPR transmitter shows true value of Raspberry Pi for hacking

Iranians claim to have a time machine

FiftyOneFifty's insightful breathing

Krayon reviews the movie Safety Not Guaranteed

Pokey's Kindle warranty Claim

BitCoin crap, Cypress issue and drugs

The Matterform 3D Scanner

Stolen Bridge (hint: it was Santa)

Ehtyar's Sister

Android App hacks Aeroplanes

And now, Sex Ed with FiftyOneFifty

FBI wants to monitor IRC

... Just ... ergh

Men spy on women via webcams

Why The FUCK Is This A Thing(tm): Carbinated Yogurt

Cheeseburger in a can,2183/

Exhaust burger

Chicken in a can
Pegwole's video:

Now we cross to Krayon, with Sports (and Americans)

Pokey's bone (to pick with Australia)
Show Notes / Re: Episode 0018 - "episode 17" aka Greetings From Sarcasm
« Last post by krayon on 2013-04-20 08:53 (Sat) »
Posted episode :P
Show Notes / Re: Episode 0016 - Link Ejaculation
« Last post by krayon on 2013-03-28 10:17 (Thu) »
Part 2 posted :)
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